My name is Chloe Azulay. I am a freelance graphic artist who specializes in illustration and packaging design.


After graduating with Masters in Art Direction from ESAG Penninghen in 2016, I took my first official role as a junior art director at TBWA Paris where I worked on campaigns for global brands like McDonald's.


By 2018, I decided to transition to freelancing full time. It is here where I am finding the most fulfilment in what I do. I have already worked with many established brands and ambitious professionals from all over the world such as from Paris, London, Bangkok and L.A.


My work is predominately influenced by a deeply-rooted passion with everything sixties, beatnik and vintage – this brings a personal, emotive touch to every project I work on.


Nevertheless, I am versatile and flexible in what I do, and have extensive experience working for luxury brands and hotels which value a more minimalist and contemporary look.

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Where do I start with Chloe? I have worked with multiple graphic designers in the past, on many different projects. Her design work is on a completely different level, she understands everything and how to make it tell a story. Her work makes you feel proud of your own projects. We are in a world where it is key to stand out, as Seth Godin said in his book Purple Cow, ''be that purple cow''. Chloe will make sure you stand out! Chloe will amaze you from start to finish I can assure you that.

Adam Scott, Sweat Studio - UK

Le branding est un élément essentiel de l'entreprise. L'entreprise s'exprime à travers sa vision, ses valeurs et son logo. Pour le logo de Cosmominds, j'ai fait appel Chloe Azulay, qui m'a fait un logo vraiment magnifique, qui met en lumière l'image que je voulais donner : optimiste et futuriste. Chloé est une graphiste talentueuse, créative, à l'écoute avec un univers fou !


Kahina Ait Ahmed, Cosmominds - FR

Working with Chloe was an absolute delight. She was able to comprehend the project extremely quickly whilst adding her valuable two cents which was critical. Chloe thrived when it came to collaborating with the team as if she'd been working with us the whole time. She has a polished process and was very good at managing expectations which is key to any project. I would happily work with Chloe any time and was extremely happy with the final product produced.


Josh Tyler, CEO Bubby, USA

Chloé is an extremely creative, skillful, reactive, easy to work with talent! She always delivers WAOUH work that is adored by all my clients in the Luxury and FMCG industry. I have been working with her for many months and she’s the best graphic designer I have ever worked with in my career!

I highly recommend her!


Tony Nakhone Sribouavong, CEO at TGIM - FR

We were consistently impressed with her work on her website or Instagram account. She is comfortable with the brief, very conscientious and listening, she infuses each project with a subtle sense of humor. This is  still a pleasure to work with Chloé.


GotU Agency, Bangkok

Chloé est une graphiste passionnée et talentueuse. Elle assimile rapidement les besoins, fait preuve de créativité et de réactivité pour fournir un travail de qualité constante sans compter sa gentillesse remarquable à toute épreuve !


Raja Souidi, Responsable Marketing L.A Girl, FR

Merci à Chloé, elle a tout de suite compris et réagis à mes attentes. Je ne pouvais espérer mieux. Ravie d’avoir travailler avec une personne de talent. Sa bonne humeur et son professionnalisme font tout de suite la différence. Au plaisir de retravailler ensemble pour de nouveaux projets! Mestaoui Hanen Caroline, Artiste mix média

Caroline Mestaoui, Artiste Mix média, FR

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